Singleton Design Pattern | PHP Example

Hi, I will talk about the Singleton design pattern without going into too much detail.
What are the benefits of using a design pattern?
There is 1 specific solution for 1 specific problem in the design pattern.
It improves the design.
It increases the communication of the team. It allows everyone in the team to speak and understand the same thing. The design pattern has a name and a solution, the team speaks the same language.
Singleton Design Pattern is located in the Creational Design Pattern group.
The singleton design pattern is a design pattern that guarantees that only 1 object is created at runtime.
The situation that needs to be used is:
Multiple classes must use the same instance.
There must be only one object for the entire application.
It must be guaranteed that it is only an object (unique).
We create a class for these requirements and let the class manage its instance.
Important point: We must make sure that there is only one instance of a class, and we must provide it with a global access point.

Benefits of using a singleton pattern:
Controlled access to an instance is provided.
We avoid creating global variables.
Singleton Pattern is a tested method to create only 1 object.
Singleton Pattern offers us a global access point, it has no disadvantages like global variables. One of these disadvantages is that when we create our object as a global variable, the object will be created when the application starts, what if this object is resource-intensive and your application is completed without using it? In the Singleton Pattern, an object is created only when we need it.
Since our singleton class will be public, we can start it more than once from different packages.

Singleton Class Example


These are the things I can briefly mention, I hope it was useful



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